I love weddings! Recently, I was asked to make some decorations for an upcoming wedding, which is what brings me to this newest video tutorial. I found this DIY paper flower ball ages ago and just had not yet had the opportunity to make one for myself. So I thought that this wedding would be the perfect time to try this out.

Pink and green paper flower ball in a vase

What Is A Paper Flower Ball?

A paper flower ball is simply a ball made from paper flowers…simply enough, right? This one in particular can be used in so many amazing ways. You could put this in a vase or planter, hang it at a wedding reception – which is what I did – or even make a few of these and combine
them to make the most gorgeous wreath for your front door!

Paper flower ball in pink and greenWhat Kind Of Paper Do You Need For A DIY Paper Flower Ball?

I used just regular weight colored paper for this one, like colored printer paper. I do not recommend that you use cardstock or anything too heavy as it will not fold as easily as regular paper. Also, you can use tissue paper for these if you prefer, but keep in mind that tissue paper tears much more easily. I love the regular colored paper for this DIY flower ball because it’s pretty sturdy but not too difficult to fold.

Close up image of a paper ball flower in a vase

How To Make This Gorgeous DIY Paper Flower Ball

Whether you want a gorgeous new floral decoration for your home or you need some cheap and easy DIY decor for an upcoming wedding, this DIY paper flower ball is perfect. It’s so easy and it only takes a few minutes to finish.

Paper flower ball hanging above a small plant

Yield: 1

How to Make a Gorgeous DIY Paper Flower Ball

Step-by-step video tutorial shows you how to make this gorgeous DIY paper flower ball. Hang or place in a vase to display or use these as kissing balls for your wedding.

Prep Time 10 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 25 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $3


  • Colored Paper
  • Pearls
  • Thread or Ribbon for Hanging


  1. Paper and supplies needed to make a flower ballTo start, choose the colors of paper that you want to make your flowers. I recommend adding in a few sheets of green paper, too, for making the leaves.
  2. Cut your paper into squares. You can choose whatever size you want them, but make sure that you’re doing them all the same size for each flower. I did mine in squares of about 4 inches by 4 inches each, but you can do whatever size you want.
  3. When you get your squares all cut, you need to begin folding them into your flower shapes.
  4. You will need to fold the squares in half to form a triangle. So, fold in half meeting the opposite ends into the triangle shape.
  5. Now, you’re going to fold each of these ends into the middle to create a rectangle shape.
  6. Unfold one side and then fold it again, but diagonally this time.
  7. Fold your triangle inside and then fold it back to where it was before. This only sounds confusing – the video shows you just how easy it actually is.
  8. Now, repeat this same procedure on the other side of your flower. Once you have done this on both sides, you can glue them together.
  9. This is one leaf of your flower. I used five leaves on each of my flowers to give them depth.
  10. Once you have all five leaves finished and glued down, you have one flower completed.
  11. You can add a pearl to the middle of your flower to give it more depth and decoration. Glue down the pearl and you’re finished with this one.
  12. In order to make a pretty good sized flower ball, you want to make about six of these flowers – In any color or combination of colors that you want.
  13. Make two flower balls, which is a total of 12 flowers, and then glue them together with the thread or ribbon in the center for hanging.
  14. When you are finished with your first DIY flower ball, it should look something like this:

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What Other DIY Paper Flowers Can You Make?

I’ve shown you some great DIY flowers recently. Here is another DIY flower ball that is perfect for wedding decorations. I’ve also got a great tutorial to make a paper flower wreath that is perfect for spring decorating, and a beautiful DIY flower decoration from an old book. There are tons of ways that you can make flowers from paper and add to your decorating.

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How to Make a Gorgeous DIY Paper Flower Ball - Step-by-step video tutorial shows you how to make this gorgeous DIY paper flower ball. Hang or place in a vase to display or use these as kissing balls for your wedding.

What are your favorite DIY paper flower decorations?

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