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Have you ever thought about making your own DIY solar garden lamp? While it may sound like a complicated project, it is actually very easy, and does not require any electrical knowledge. In this video tutorial, I will show you how you can transform a regular corded lamp into a solar garden lamp.

A solar garden lamp sits on the table.

How to Make a Solar Garden Lamp at Home

Because no technical know-how is required for this project, it is suitable for a wide range of skill levels and ages.

A solar garden lamp on a table emits a soft glow.

Materials to Make a DIY Solar Garden Lamp

What materials and tools do you need to make a solar garden lamp as shown in this video tutorial? As usual, you will need hot glue and a glue gun. You also will need a pair of cutting pliers.

Together with these supplies, you will need a small solar lamp which you will be able to place in the light bulb socket of the regular corded table lamp that you have decided to use.

Depending on the style of table lamp you choose, you could get very different results from me. But if you decide to use a really traditional lamp with a standard white lampshade like the one I have shown, you might consider sprucing it up a bit.

I spray painted mine a brownish color so that it would have a more “vintage” flavor and so that the light would be more soft and muted. But you could use a different color if you wanted, or do something else altogether to modify the shade.

A solar garden lamp on a table emitting light.

What to Do With a Solar Garden Lamp

Once you have completed making your solar powered garden lamp, you can, of course, use it out in your garden, but it can also work well on your deck or patio or anywhere else that gets plenty of sunlight each day.

A solar garden lamp sits on a patio.

Step-by-Step Solar Garden Lamp Video and Photo Tutorial

You are now ready to make your own solar-powered garden lamp from scratch using our step-by-step video tutorial. The materials and tools required are listed below along with written instructions you can read as you follow along with the video.


Yield: 1

DIY Solar Garden Lamp Out of an Old Table Lamp

Have you ever wanted to create your own DIY solar garden lamp? Find out how to make one using an old corded lamp in this easy video tutorial.

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $10


  • Regular corded table lamp
  • Spray paint
  • Solar lamp


  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Pliers for cutting

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What to Make After a Solar Garden Lamp

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