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for us it works I mean I love missing
you and I do like if you’re I’m sorry if
we were in each others face all the time
which one day hopefully when we get
there I don’t mind that but I love
missing you it’s it’s it’s great to
build up that momentum to see each other
hi I’m Joey diamond I’m a singer and
songwriter from the Bay Area hi my name
is Pablo Hernandez I’m an actor/model
musician and I live in Havana Cuba I’m
27 and I’m Filipino and Portuguese my
background is Spanish Cuban American
Lebanese I was actually working two jobs
I was working at 24-hour fitness and at
the power zone and Pablo was a regular
at both I would always walk in with the
guy that was dating at the time and Joey
would always ignore my then-boyfriend
completely ignore him I would walk in
and Joey would just feel like hey Pablo
how are you good while my ex-boyfriend
was like standing right there and I
never noticed that until my ex-boyfriend
said how come Joey never says hi to me
it wasn’t because I was after you but
you were always so polite and so genuine
and so kind the first thing that
attracted me to Joey was just his
overall energetic and happy and
uplifting demeanor the first thing that
attracted me to Pablo initially was a
smile like your smile is so infectious
and it’s so bright when I first like
look into your eyes …

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